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Swan Analytical releases updated 34-page handbook on Analytical Instruments in Water Steam Cycles


Since its founding, Swan Analytical has provided not just reliable analyzers, but solid guidance for operators, plant chemists, engineers, system integrators and others needing to solve water steam cycle problems.

In 2002 we produced a comprehensive 28 page handbook, Analytical Instruments in Water Steam Cycles – An Introduction for Non-Chemists, outlining key parameters, measurement points, and quality assurance considerations. It proved a popular and useful tool not just for “Non-Chemists”, but for anyone with responsibility for the design, operation, or maintenance of water and steam systems. We’ve updated the guide to take note of developments in instrumentation and are making it available on request.

To get your copy click here and provide your contact info. Please add a message to let us know if you would like a print or electronic copy.

Swan Covid-19 Update April 01, 2020

While the evolving coronavirus situation brings new challenges, Swan Analytical USA, Inc is prepared and still operating fully. We have taken steps to do our part to ensure the safety of our employees and their families as well as that of our customers. Our employees have already begun the remote work arrangements and will continue this way through the month of April 2020. Office attendance is limited to required personnel and only on a very limited basis. This will still allow us to effectively support our customers with the trusted sales and service they have come to expect from Swan Analytical USA.

As a result, we ask that you email us directly for the fastest and most efficient results. Orders can be sent to orders@swan-analytical-usa.com, technical support is available at support@swan-analytical-usa.com, and quotes and pricing are available through the info@swan-analytical-usa.com email. These are being monitored daily and the most effective way to reach us. You can still call and leave a voice mail that will be returned within 48 hours. We look forward to working with you as we navigate these changing times and will continue to monitor and adjust these processes as needed.

Thank you.
Colleen Chionis
Vice President of Operations