Analyzer AMI Codes-II

Colorimetric process analyzer (DPD-method) for measurement and dosing control of disinfectants such as free chlorine, hypochlorous acid, chlorine dioxide, ozone, bromine, iodine and monochloramine.

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Chematest 30

The flexible and robust solution for the determination of disinfectants, pH value and cyanuric acid.

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Analyzer AMI Codes-II TC

Colorimetric process analyzer (DPD-method) for measurement of total chlorine and calculation of dichloramine.

Extended measurement range up to 10 ppm.

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Analyzer AMI Codes-II CC

Colorimetric process analyzer (DPD-method) for measurement of free chlorine, monochloramine, combined chlorine and total chlorine.

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Chematest 25

Mobile lab with precision photometer for disinfectants (free and total chlorine, chlorine dioxyde, ozone, bromine, jodine), floculants(Fe, Al) and cyanuric acid.
Integrated pH meter with precision sensor.

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