Single Components Rescon

All components are available separately for system integration.

  • Transmitters
    Electronic transmitters/controllers for wall mounting or panel insertion.
  • Sensors
    High precision resistivity sensors with integrated temperature probe.
  • Cables
    Cables for precision resistivity sensors.
  • Flow Cell
    Stainless steel flow cell with needle valve and flow sensor.

Transmitter AMI Rescon

Electronic transmitter for high resolution resisitivity with on-board verification.

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Transmitter AMU Rescon

Electronic transmitter for panel insertion, for high resolution resisitivity .

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Swansensor RC U

High precision resistivity sensor with integrated temperature probe.
Available with 5 or 15 meters cable or screw plug.

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Flow cell B-Flow SS316L L130

Flow cell to connect to tubes for one sensor with ¾" NPT thread.

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Flow cell QV-Hflow SS316L L130

Stainless steel flow cell with needle valve and flowsensor for sample flow up to 100 l/h. Available with 1, 5 or 15 meters cable for flow sensor.

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