In-line measurement of purified water (PW) and water for injection (WFI) with state of the art sensors.

Transmitter AMI Pharmacon

Electronic transmitter for the measurement of conductivity in pharmaceutical applications.

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Transmitter AMU-II Pharmacon AC

Electronic transmitter for panel insertion.

Measurement of conductivity in pharmaceutical applications.

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IXA13660X00 AMU-II Pharmacon

Swansensor Pharmacon; SAN

The solution of all your pharmaceutical water measurement. The SWAN Sensor with 1 ½” sanitary clap connection.

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Swansensor Pharmacon; NPT

Two-electrode conductivity sensor for the inline measurement of purified water and water for injection of pharmaceutical water.

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QS-Monitor AMI INSPECTOR Pharmacon

Portable inspection equipment for quality assurance of conductivity in pharma-water.

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