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New SWAN Distribution Quality Monitors – Multiple Parameters; One Simple Panel

The SWAN DIST series Distribution Quality Monitor line offers three options for measuring chlorine, pH, conductivity and turbidity on one easy to install, easy to maintain panel. Versatile output options ensure water quality throughout your distribution system, proving piece of mind and customer satisfaction.

Three models are available for continuous monitoring of critical parameters for early warning at wells, pump stations and throughout the distribution system.
  • SWAN Dist 1 features reagentless free chlorine measurement.
  • SWAN Dist 2 provides colorimetric, DPD based free chlorine measurement.
  • SWAN Dist 3 provides colorimetric, DPD based free and total chlorine measurement.
All three include pH and conductivity sensors in an easily accessible and easy to service flow cell. They also feature SWAN's non-contact Turbiwell turbidity monitoring.

Complete system comes pre-mounted on panel, ready for operation. Simple 4-20 outputs for each parameter used with SCADA provide an in depth record of water quality. Built in surveillance functions generate alarms if measurement is not valid, such as missing flow, empty reagents, valve and photometer functionality.

For more information, download the flyer below.

SWAN Service provides increased reliability

Swan has a staff of highly trained technicians who are can be contracted to provide a variety of on-site support activities.

Start Up Contracts
A Swan associate can verify that all transmitter settings are optimized for your system, precisely prepare all reagents and solutions, and ensure that all sensors are properly conditioned and calibrated.

Annual/Quarterly/Monthly Service Contracts
Make sure your Swan analyzers always perform as reliably as when you first installed them. With regular service visits, Swan Service will recondition sensors, review reagent use and preparation, and perform a complete review of transmitter diagnostics and fluidics performance.

Training Contracts
Do you want to ensure that your in-house team has a full understanding of their Swan Analyzers and water system factors that influence your plant operation? Swan can provide on-site training at your plant, customized to your analyzers and the concerns you face on a daily basis.

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